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officers: Dr. J. E. Lemming. President; Dr. R. A. Irvine.

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paper Ijy Prof. J. G. .\dami, of Montreal, on the patliology

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which I have spoken, and that this condition of things is mostly

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failure of the Stat(^ .V.ssociatiou to adopt this plan was

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tion as a psychoneurotic symptom it is sometimes possible to

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of Boston. He referred to frequent consultations he

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but only a local reaction is conclusive, and this may be

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that while the objective features of the various ex-

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suirre un circuit, voila I'' doux songe de Harvey, la

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ICommunicated for the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal.]

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was the first to introduce lectures on first aid to

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chorea. In all three a diplococcus was isolated from the

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\oniiting, general peritonitis, and intestinal walls

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the hemorrhoidal veins, with resultant irritation. Saline

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Atlas fu.sed, 6 c, 1 cd. (?), 11 d., 5 1. Articular

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41%; in the hospital cases, where more careful obser-

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7 Falle gereclinet: 815/1910, 20/1915, 454/1917, 1063/1918,

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with gold, silver, amalgam or celluloid. If this is done

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anatomical sections therefore are simpler and allow a study of

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The ])atient was a delicate looking girl, who gave the

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and that it had been definitely shown that vaccin.-ilion

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the operation, the needle selected was so large that I

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gelost werden. Der Arm zeigt so gut wie keine freiwillige Beweg-

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nently fixing broken bone ends in their proper relation

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be made out, and in one case there were definite organic

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sondern auch bei der Lungengangriin und bei den Bronchiektasen

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stomach, the aciniinistration of strong tea or colTee, sus-

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