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Baumgarten, E. : Affection des Sinus Sphenoidalis. Pest, mcd.-
nizoral tablet obat apa
enemas. With the onset of pain ex-acuate the stomach by
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four days' leave of absence from Sept. 10, 1906. Sept. 6, 1906.
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many years ago was chiefly introduced by Neisser and Pollock,
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infection occurs in infancy it is not sufficient to
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Phys. Anat. Abt. 1896, p. 222. Held, Zur Kenntnis der peripheren
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reverse principle of " similia similihiis curnniur."
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s\iina:e i:in li. hul >■ ii:irately or in a metal case
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eye which had the ad\antage that the whole jirocess
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davon 4 Antiformin-Konzentrationsproben). Pat. bemerkte am Ende
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with nitrate of silver, which were used twice a week,
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influencing such surroundings remains, as a rule, merely a pious
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rapid and efficient operator, yet he was con\inced that
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verschiedenen Methoden angefertigt werden, schiitzt aber hier vor
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two sih'er wires to the ligamentum patella? ; the capsule
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my finger and let him state what I had written. Without the
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Au cours des annees, la memoire et lintelligence ont sensiblement
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lian thalamus opticus. The dorsal of these nuclei corresponds to the
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Das Riickenmark war auf der Riickseite besonders links deutlich
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Auch dieser Fall ist sozusagen vollig analog einem Experiment.
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Rates $26 per week; including treatment, board, medical attention and general nursmg. Send for
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2. ]_)iCKiNsoN, G. K. The Omentum and -its Functions.
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sirable that a definite and relatively fixed stand-
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amputated the|]]arm above the elbow. The flaps were
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a pale hand, cold arm and hand, and weak pulse, some-
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view. They describe three cases where fibrous tissue had
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case and has been the great instrument of progress,
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this army of patients, and that the distmguished professor
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in a little less than one half, cure in none. Operation has
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since Paquelin first placed the thermocautery in his hungry-

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