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in the hand, sudden weakness in the hands, tenderness

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connnittee was waiting for the action of the As.socia-

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nerve to this operation, he stated that only once in

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auf das Yorkommen von Riickenmarkstumoren wiilirend der

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sooner or later .sure to come into the hantls of the

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general condition must be bettered in every way. In-

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The '■ habitual " scoliosis manifests itself at the

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weeks, and then come the purulent (-ases, with much

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list fully realizes the significance of .slight but

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few in number. Pars nervosa does not show any changes.

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We thus have a continual variation according to the degree

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department of the University of the City of New York. He

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\'e freriuently lia^'e dilated stoniaclis in these cases.

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mistakinti; the condition for acute septicemia or malig-

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dividual peculiarities must be respected. Also when

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ried through the abdominal wound to the site of the

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des Lemniscus sowie der Fibrae arcuatae vorausgesetzt werdeny'

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ature on radium contains numerous instances utes. Such uncanny results are remarkable

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Civil War he served as a surgeon in the S'ederal Army. He had

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assistant to the Bureau of Medicincaiid Surgery, Navy Deparl-

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the discussion of this subject. He had been at Pine

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in every way she had enjoyed perfect use of her arm.

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selten zu sein. Der akute Beginn der pleuralen Affektion ist aber

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all her former life; in the other state .she remem-

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que Bryant recommande chaleureusement la therapeutie cal-

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tion of tuberculosis in the intestinal ti'act, the hyper-

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schwer genannt (22, 34 %), 11 (16.9 %) sind als schwerbezeichnet-;

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.\|)pen(licostomy ; intermuscular incision; appendix

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Ti;iiynK<il()p;icaI Section, 1h(! report of an operation i'or

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