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ference with the nutrition and function of the parathyroids resemble those
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by double decomposition precipitate the slightly soluble uric acid, HjU, and
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eentration of the l.loo,| have t.eeii particularly studied l.y Starliii;.' am!
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shows a marked inflammatory infiltration, involving the prostate, seminal
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l-l. .\|'i.aialiis liir ii.ll,.,tii.n i.f a samiilr i.f a!\iolar air liy llalilam's iiii'llii..| :;ift
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".iiuiic solution of the following; comi)ositioii is most etlicient: so-
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coalescing of such infarcts either in situ by erosion into neighboring tubules
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obscure the signs of extensive past tuberculous lesions. One or two com-
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changes take place to a slight degree around the tubercles. In tne chronic
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one family to the sixth generation. But here the myotonic reaction is absent
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TuberciilodB. — ^The one etiologiad possibility which has been most seriously
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into till' all;alini' |i\ roirallali' solution liy tnriiiii'.' mrk s to i-oiniiiiinii-ai.
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renal buds give rise to accessory adrenals, including those of Marchand.
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struction of the kidney substance, the medulla being affected first and the
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or transitory, but persists often for as long as eighteen months or two years,
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the liiM'.'s is in accurate ami intimate appiisitimi with the parietal pleura
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cascara or senna, are also of value. Occasionally a dose of calomel will work
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takable amyloid of the glomeruli and vasa afferentia of the kidney, a condition
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frequent. The vomiting may occur with or without taking food. Remis-
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lliiid jiloiid. for e\aliiple in a di.il.vsel' sae eoniposed of eelloidin and
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This ('(III lie altered liy heiiiniil'.M'.'e nr ti:: sfnsinii, and tin- n-Miits
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Ordinarily, by regulating the diet, using plenty of fruit, green vegetables,
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marked bony changes. Among these predisposing causes come first those
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claims to exist between tetany and the parathyroids, and he looks upon the
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disease at the time of the applicant's birth or during his childhood.
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appear altogether. In ascending pyelonephritis fever is rarely absent,
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S'i'iisible for the rhythmic activity of the heart depends on some sort
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In some patients mild attacks have been more likely to come on at the men-

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