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Dr. L. Emmett Holt, Boston, thought the da.ssifica-

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therefore, if, in the process of healing, suppuration

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Lasion des Deiter'schen Kerns, des Corpus restiforme, der Yesti-

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stellung gehorten 25 zum Halsteil, 68 zum Brustteil iind 25 zum

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blood in lobar pneumonia. Of this use of the iodide, I

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blood is aceonipanied In' an iiiercase in Ihe proportion ol'

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mit 30 — 50 kbcm. Luft nacli Ablassung einer gleich grossen Menge

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die Ausbildung der Methode unter den Klinikern; D. Gerhardt

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Pathologisch-anatomisch hat man es mit zwei verschiedenen

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the intimate discussions of the abdominal organs has hail

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of the large intestine showed little tendency to extend

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disorders will underlie some of the changes. Where sufficient evi-

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18. Seven cases are reported in which the only signs or

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2. Roily describes an epidemic of poisoning (2.50 per-

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11. Abt calls attention to acute non-suppurative en-

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schon hervortrat, indeni nur beim sponlanen oder kiistlich hervor-

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impossible, that the daily use of the voice, through

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toxic action, it is well known that the es.sential poison

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kommt zu dieser Ansicht nicht auf Grund von Beobachtungen,

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colitis for several years and from chronic diarrhea for

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gists would recognize these facts more generally they

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Gang ist fast normal schncll, kann aber nicht fiber dieses Durch-

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culate body in mammals. The exact homology of this body in

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Since discharge this patient has had an attack of hem-

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this country, and while we must recognize their Dr. Eleanora B. Saunders, while woman

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anioimt of difference he gets with full expansion. He

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8. Forlanini (1912) erwahnt nur. dass er einen Fall mit Erfolg»

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invaduig forces is carefully looked after by the administra-

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