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has undoubtedly come from the third ventricle and from there

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•^ Since tlicse notes were written, a teinpurar.v relap.'se occurred

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biture, fut compose, pour la premiere fois par Horlein (Bayer &

ondansetron 4 mg odt tab san

of organisms, especiall.v of the colon group. Moro has

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tion. There are also chapters on tests for function of en-

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The Urethrotomies and Kidney Capsulotoniy in Diseases

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of simple ulcer medical treatment offers an efficient though

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pression der Pyramidenbabn aucb so tief nacb unten wie am 4.

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jugular curve during ventricular systole. Extra systoles

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of excitement. The dose is 0.3 to 0.5 gm. (5 to 7J gr.).

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1916 neun verscbiedene Arzte aufgesucbt) betracbteten den grossen

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Dr. Schorstein, C., 7O0; change in law regarding commitment

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methotl, the authors found that specific antigen and anti-

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lich zahlreiche mittelblasige Rassel; im Rontgenbild ist dieser Lap-

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letting, leeches or wet cups locally. He holds that

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acidol (1 tablet = 10 (lro|>s olhcinal hydrochloric acid)

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Ex-House Phtjsie-ixin. Infectioua Wards Boston Citll Hospital, Oph-

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Buff: A Tale for the Thoughtful. By aPhysiopath. Boston:

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ihres vorher sehr guten Gediichtnisses und liber geistige Zerstreut-

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15. According to Fisher the majority of insomnias are

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raanffels der anatcmischen Kontrolle nichts dariiber. wo die

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He considers Loretta's operation unscientific and danger-

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nach unten zunehmend, die quergestreifte mehr und mehr.

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part in the resolution of inflammatory exudates, digest

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schieden nasal. Hustenstoss sehr kraftlos und heiser. Laryngo-

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Beckman^ im Jahre 1917 4 Todesfiille. Im Jahre 1919 teilte de

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" 5. The police should be instructed to pour into every privy and

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Folgende Arbeiten geben kasuistische Beitrage ziir Frage der

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a dog, or a cat, is indifferent to salt; but horses, cattle,

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Myocardial Infarction Trial). The study appears in the June 23

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Sodii sulphatis (dry), 30 gr. Sodii salicylatis (from

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Les symptomes d'une alteration des voies pyramidales que

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bei den ersten Beobachtung nicht die riclitige Diagnose habe

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A Nin-se's Hand-Book of Medicine. By J. Norman Henry,

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linken Pleura wurden 950 cm^ entleert. 2 Monate spater erhielt

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so ist es sehr wohl denkbar, dass eine Verminderung dieser Zahl

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