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Dr. Otis, in the introduction to liis communication, says that the
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Hemiplegie, kompliziert mit ziemlich starken choratisch-athetoi-
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on Nov. .'JO, at the age of forty-four years. He was graduated
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.seem remarkably gemiine and friendly, e\'ery man or
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times anthracosis. Histological examination shows that
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of note that experiments made in the cancer wards with
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lature that there was a de( from tuberculosis
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the right side high up, and a sense of resistance over
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fortable condition, though on several occasions when
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with the superior mesenteric artery crosses it, has
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duty at Di-troit, Mich., and directed to proceed to St. Louis,
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me a polite invitation to see a patient of his vrho has had a homy
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it is so followed. Dr. Bridge believes the cold bath
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had been washed, a substance which caused fatal eclamptic
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and illustrated in more than one published article on
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trustworthy sign of fluid. Skoda's tympanitic note in the
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1. *Philip, R. W. The Public Aiipecisol the Prevent ion
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pings on pellagra, collected by his bureau, without
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shaped, making a noticeable deformity. The soft parts
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the accurate mind; it is matliematical, similar to the use
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entrance the ])ain was refern^d to the right iliac fcssa.
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Die Symptome unseres Falles sind eigentlicli drei: 1) Schlund-
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]ilaced so as to make traction on the clavicle from
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operation with suture of lateral tears, and fixation of tin;
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Sdbbchiption Terms: $5.00 per year, in advance, postage paid,
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Bronchiektasien. 12 Insufflationen. ■ Heilung . Keine spdteren Be-
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letztere Lokalisation der Schwellung und die Abszessbildung
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— This paixr is a brief description of tlie classical symp-
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der linken Thoraxhalfte weniger gcwolbt. Bei Respiration bleibt die
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with a diagnosis of tuberculosis. Chronic influenza
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take place. (I'ositive results in 32 out of 41 cases.) This
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Smith, Walter A. Removal of an enormous ovarian tumor, 309.
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which will make it possible to recognize this tis.sue if it is
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the case, and for the subsequent notes on her condition.
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should say what a should be and what she should
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verfolgen, aber diese Erscheinung ist relativ selten und fiir Cajal
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tomical lesions. Typhoid is to be regarded as a general
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who projects the fluid against the side of the pharynx,

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