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H. Ross, and the charge to the graduates was delivered by Prof, llo-


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of the blood are : Calcium chloride and (to a less extent)

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l!Uh passed Kinston at 10, A.M., marching eight miles beyond,

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so clearly defined in practice as they are described theoreti-

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were naval recruits. Each one had been on board the Receiving-

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use of alcohol is generally fallacious, and is simply due to

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Fluctuation was distinctly manifest, but Dr. W. did not decide to make

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severe inflammation. As the stitches were doing no good, and only

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crossed the Neuse River. August 1st, the Regiment marched towards

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& "Wells, Publishers, New York.— On Medical Provision for Railroads, &c. Two Papers, b7

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slowness of growth, during the first ten months, compared with the

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was tpiitc oxidized. The transverse portion measured in length

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Dr. Haddock recovered.* Oftentimes a beneficial effect attended

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3 — insanity, 1 — disease of the liver, 1 — congestion of the lungs, 4 — gangrene of the lungs, 1 —

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design of the inspection was conceived in wisdom and is being carried

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hospitals, and by its constant contributions for the comfort of those

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General's report for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1862." In the

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vinegar-like odor, a purely acid taste and a strongly acid

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in acute diseases, may be eliminated to a considerable extent

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fication and arrangement of drugs employed in this book

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ces, I should expect to secure a more speedy healing of the outside

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day the patient left the hospital perfectly recovered. — London Chemist

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are found in oats. Bran (or shorts) has approximately the-

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decomposition in the alimentary canal and absorption into

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ances incline at an angle of about five or ten degrees. All other ob-

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parts), with renewed activity of the circulation and conse-

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convulsions, 2 — croup, 1— cvstitis, 1— debilitv, 1— diphtheria, 1— dropsy, 2— dropsy of the

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called up, as next in order, and on motion, the reading of it postponed until

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Further Observajions in rer/ard to the Cerebrospinal Affection occurring

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on the following day, but without producing any appreciabla

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first symptom noticed is dimness of distant vision, and shortly after

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^cid, 8 per cent ; there are also : (2) a bitter substance, and

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of the typhus poison on the body, and the reaction of the system

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has been repeatedly demonstrated by experiment in regard to the

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of Gaulish and ^lassaliote money anterior to our era. After this period no more

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evaporation to pilular consistency. The extract should contain 0.3 per

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mission. The troops under General Foster behaved nobly ; the sons

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sharpening tho appetite, and increasing salivary and gastric

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should be used, followed by demulcents and sodium bicar-

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i- . therein, by posting uji such notice in two or more public places in

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cine at Paris, before sending a recipe to one of our journals, translate

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