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^■', 8. Operation. Dr. Pallia. Great osteoplastic explorative tre-

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1,400,000, which would give a mortality from disease

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portance were read, those of greatest interest and public

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min. des Canalis nachst dem Pylorus ist eine unregelmassige Kon-

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study of the effects of some of the spilt products on animals,

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would keep it always at a very low point, though some

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mterest resulted from the fact that the tumor, because

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ounces $1.25 and 16 ounces up to $1.60. Nice breeding sows

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Geschwulst ist oft weit schwieriger sowohl zu entdecken (wie in

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tissues broken down. The patient recovered promptly.

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two things are accomplished, — first the production of

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animals and discu.sses the theories and explanations

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York, that we in Boston are in favor of the abolition of quarantine,

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important when the scientist's career invokes addressing the

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Blailes, all sizes, per dozen, $1.50. Nos. 2 and 4 Handles fit Nos. 20 and 21 Blades.

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of the cord in the course of a slow comjiression is

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Der beranwacbsende intraspinale Tumor muss friiber oder

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gesprochenen Ansichten — in seinem Yerlauf aber halt er ihn

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Hutchinson, J., Syphilis. London, 1887. Izar, Guido, Sifilide ga-

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the Indian and the Swiss Mountain guide: consider what

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For this purpose nitrate of sih'or and citrine ointment

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In sucli a view of the hysterical symptom Freud takes his

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hosis of the Lower Part of the Lateral Simis of Aural

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IS. Delsaux, V. Subperiosteal Abscess of the Forehead,

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'« Auu. of SiirK.. vol. .xliv, no. 2, .\ug., 1900, p. 275.

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cicatrix after the injury, as well as the turn the disease took,

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too tight and needs loosening. The inflanunation usually

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325 cases. In thi' linal paragraphs in the first cohunn of

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Da jeder neue Beitrag zur Beurteilung dieser Frage von Wert

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U. S. S. " Nashville " when out of commission, and ordered

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> Boston Medical and Surgical Jour.val. 1900. Vol. cxliii.

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