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Benedikt {Elektrotherapie, Wien 1868) gibt eine Beschreibung
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naturlich gleichfalls spezifische Veranderungen aufweisen. Ge-
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rung in dem Bilde der weissen Blutkorperchen mit Neigung zu
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was (-0 that of as 5 is to 1, while th(>
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bei der Kathetrisierung als Ausgangspunkt fiir eine Diskussion
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and must be taken into consideration before attributing
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beginning of the treatment, is relatively comfortable
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relatively slow and no other symptoms suggested tliis
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mente, ihr Struktur und Verbindung im Zentralnervensystem. Anat.
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tion: Is it possible to anastomose the vas deferens
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facts. It is thought that the failure of this filter
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the anterior vaginal wall, and dividing the broad lig-
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Umstand eine ganz iible prognostische Bedeutung; dies hat sich
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parkland surround the sanatorium — a scientific institu-
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\igorous, springy gait. His features are thin, his skin
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power of attention fail, there is a loss of mobility of the
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9. The Medical Treatment oj Duodenal and Gastric Ulcer.
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p. 488. Kronthal, Fibrillen, Xeurol. Centralbl. 1890. Kuhnt. Die
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terungen oft giinstig beeinflussen; sie soil aber moglichst friih-
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regard to the agglutinin test Landis and himself had
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blood pressure sunk rapidly, and death became immi-
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chorionic villi, because of the nature of the stroma
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son, H. F. Vickery and E. P. Joslin, medicine; Dr. J. H.
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by the teachers, while a step in the right direction,
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Langworthy, H. G. : Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis in Children
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results are excellent, respiration is unimpeded and the
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this form of phlebitis the result of infection, or was the
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well and inc reased the membership of the societies, but
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exceptions it was diagnostic of syphilis of the afTecteJ
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vention of cooling was not realized by the writer in time to apply it
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in bacteriolysis and in production of phagocytosis; the
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die Chirurgischen Klinik heriibergefiihrt (No. 2138).
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nized as clinical entities, or should be considered
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ments prove that .syphilis had been present in the author's

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