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B. Sc, F.R.C.P. Edin.,D.P.H. Camb., Director. Khartoum.

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the remark is made, " it is believed that this accident results from a

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6 \ - Jahren an Verblutung gestorbenen Bruder vorgefunden hiitten.

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circular is not only to interest those who may have

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kretstauung. Cappeller II, einseitig, wurde in selir kurzer Zeit

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le\Talose were present, but in quantities sufficient

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that there can be no doubt as the to effectiveness of the same.

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Most bread stuffs and cereals contain about 10% proteid

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enlarged to the; size of a hickory nut. No change was

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The term sepsis was the bete noire of the surgeon, and

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cases and in none of the three normal cases tested. To

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this proteid and having failed in all these attempts

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in}; the fnnds are inider way. — Mrilicnl Rirnrd.

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coldest weather ceases and before the spring. This wouUl

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foot, and who had been ill for a long time. Otherwise,

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mer), Tumeurs intrarachidiennes. Lyon chirurgical 1923, Bd 20,

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Dr. Allen G. Neathery. Gainsville. aged 69, died May 30

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it was recorded that she did not look very ill, the abdo-

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the false position of the law and of public opinion as

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visibles du virus encephalitique. Jusqu'ici, nos reclierches a cet

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ment of gastro-enteritis of children, using " levuretin " in

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likewise the president of our national association. Dr. W. J.

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veneralile svirgeon at the .Xecker, and he was ever ready to

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administration of diqitalis there was a slight rise of

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course of the ureters into the testicle. The pain lasted

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muskulatur, indem ihre zentrale Reprasentation nach experi-

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ruhe verschwindet. Nur die pathologisch grosse Variabihtat spricht

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{•onqjlications, such as perforation, hemorrhage and ol)-

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cases of arthritis deformans. The diagnosis is often

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tion had been done in this case. That on examination

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In the Section of Physiology a remarkable paper was

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liUMSDEN, L. L., passed assistant surgeon. Leave of

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