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Gynec. and Obstetr., 1914, Bd 18, S. 170. Oppenheim und Bor-
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des Riickenmarks belegen; so verbielt es sicb z. B. mit 9 der 82
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cessory Sinuses on tlie Eyt . Tr. Iowa State Med. Soc, C¬ędar
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weise nur insofern die Bedeutung eines Anfangsorgans fiir diesen
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therapeutic, il y aura, bien entendu, des cas assez refractaires.
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by Dr. Rankin, of Belfast. It is in\possil)le to close this
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the spinal cord. J. Am. Med. Ass., Bd 63, 1914, S. 6 (4 Falle),
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of the liver, with case reports. Lund, F. B.. and Howe. W. C., 66g.
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class of exfoliative dermatitis, because that name Wiis
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Jan. 1, 100.5. These cases comprised 12 simple entero-
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than necessary to relieve the symptom.s, as natural
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Dr. George Washington Vines, Dadeville. aged 76. died
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laufs von septischen Komplikationen von anderem Ursprung als
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two in the neighborhood of eighty were exceedinglj^
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geflihl [Globus hystericus), der m. E. durch Spasmus des Killian-
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lahmung)) ist unanfechtbar; da aber aus meinen 4 Fallen hervor-
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Hammond, Philip, and Tobey, George L., Jr. Progress in otology, 1 1.
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Keine Lymphdriisenschwellung. Keine Lungensymptome. Tot nach
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blasige, meist trockene, zuweilen mittelharte, wenig zahlreiche feuchte
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taken from the more complex with several secondary personali-
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ren. Bei der Aufgabe, die histologischen Details, die feinen Zusam-
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tis. We knew nothing of the way the various bacteria
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and contain not more than 10,000 bacteria to the cubic
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plenty of sunlight and good feeding. This, of course,
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Heart: Apex felt in the 5th space, 4J in. to the left
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from physical pain, and does not relieve mental anxiety.
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Root, R. B. Death by violence. Manner unknown, 744-
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cythemia, oligoeln'omcnii.-i, a scarcity of normahlasts,
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of the stomach. Six cases of gastric and one of intestinal cancer.

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