Lasix Package Insert

to the Editor, 37, Ureal Queen St., Lineoln't Inn Fields, W.C.
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posed upon the circulation by the general contraction of the muscles.
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Choi.eba Specifics.— Dr. Garth Wilkinson assures the public that
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bretlu-en through the medical press '? Why should he
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to which so many are subject when cholera is present
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picious alliance to it, from their manifest similarity
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and negatived the idea that AUsopp's bitter ale was,
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as soon as the saline draught can be dispensed with.
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almost thi-eatened to exterminate the cattle tribe in
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long. You tell the poor woman who feels " done", if
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small-pox." It had all the peculiarities of the small-
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scribed ; and only to let the animals enter the shed,
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copious notes ; but such as I have wUl be sufficient
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tions of emboli, and acute yellow atrophy has been observed in
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distribute the medicines contained in it according to
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the force in the ser%'iee afloat corrected for time,
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doubtful. As an ai-gument against contagion, he | sent century. In the latter half of the seventeenth
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was successful in 97. The proportion of successes be-
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flection, I found that such a course would have swelled
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retui-n ii-om Barletta, on the 27th, shows fotirteen
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in which he calls attention to the fact that a lar<»e
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posed, for reasons presently to be considered ; but this
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has, to all appearance, made his facts fit his theory ;
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and a letter from Mr. Spencer WeUs in reply to some
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therefore he did not know how the difficulty arose ;
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summer reigns"; and, amid roai-s of laughter, he was
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line after meals. From a series of experiments con-
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Moore, Mr. C. H., antecedents of cancer, 164, 201, 473 :
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gazelles died of the disease and communicated it to
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Hydropericardium occurs with the other transudations in beriberi
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tion for his immortal discovery of vaccination ; and
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not the effects of the great functional activity of the
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a species of black mail clandestinely levied upon the

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