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oben durch einige lockere, bandformige Adhserenzen an der Pleura

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Vice-(;hairman, Dr. J. (i. Mumford, Boston, ;

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cause of which had been an absolute obstruction of a chronic in-

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exercise to the limit of toleration. Thus far he had had

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instead of the .screen examination. In the latter, improve-

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premi element altere se forment des toxines qui produisent

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Sehnenreflex des Trizeps findet sich beiderseits, lebhafter links.

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die Auffassung, dass die Beziehungen zwischen den letzten

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more or less well grounded hope of permanent recovery.

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thoracoplasty advocates, besides the resection of ribs,

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In cases of this sort the lilood pressure is not usually

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hundred years, remains well in all respects, except

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was therefore /nV, and the results temporarily perfect.

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or diliit ion as a complication ; also the presence of

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Pathogenese hier als vollig klargelegt betrachtet werden kann.

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from the skin in (> out of 4,5. From the sutures removed

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Hamilton: Philadelphia Medical Journal. Jan. 24, 1903, p. 173.

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Abth. 1846, 360 — 406. Wagner, R., Neu Untersuchungen liber

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Cancer.) By John A. Shaw-Mackenzie, M.D. Loud. Third

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was slightly eoatetl. This he explained by the fact that

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the Academy on appendicitis at which Professor Blan-

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the right and duty of self defense, he said, was to be

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The lungs were negative on examinalion, but the heart

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die sowohl iiber dem Sacrum wie an den Fersen sogar gangranos

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howe\'er, no certainty that the rest will be removed at

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both of Baltimore, were married at Chevy Chase June 16.

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confirm the correctness of these views. The disease originated in the

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8. ScHMiTT, A. E. Postural Treatment of Otitis Media

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properly apposited by the normal tonicity of the facial

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smaller importance. Thus there is no reason why, when the

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Indessen ist es in diesem Falle bemerkenswert, dass die Fixa-

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The author had not yet seen any conclusive evidence

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»Er antwortet nicht auf Anrede, ist abwechselnd bleich und rot

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order that the entire series may clearly rejiresent

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