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to day three times as previously. Quantity of urine cubic centi

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subscribe to the hypothesis of there being two independent san

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matic and regular gymnastic exercises. I neither con

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ter season the disease is far less violent in its manifesta

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It is employed in the form of the solution Aqua Hy

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tin Chabert Vicq d Azir etc. etc. from the first days of the

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It doth not grow downwards but creeping along under

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as of most execrable character. Upon him an epitaph was written

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rhagic effusion extended into the areolar tissue. The cervical

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with the greatest care without visible local lesion in

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have seen me perform it upon this gravid woman just as

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graduates in good standing of veterinary colleges or veterinary departments

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not indicated without symptoms. This is in contrast to

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rubber bottom. It differs however from any previous device

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preference to chloroform. M. Diday Gazelle Ilehdomadaire November

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lent as to be able to attack successfully the healthy

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tion of a two per cent. solution of silver nitrate. This no doubt

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States. Illustrative of the extent of its consumption. Woodward states

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to furnish this valuable information. Theirs is indeed

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cure of stammering hi those cases which admit of a cure and

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then put on ice to check further digestion. Do not heat long

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weakening ox.suspending altogether that action which it is the

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and the temperature which was before rose to in less

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chemistry and molecular biology course and has written a paper judged of the

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Dr. Russell In discussing the mortality results of the recent

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viz. that whatever be the management of peripneumony and

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described according as the chief lesion existed in the

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alyzed half of the mouth looks longer than that on the

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being an unwelcome occupant is actually courted and detained.

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errors no doubt in great measure owing to the impossibility of making

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her own attack a child communicated the disease to her

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perty of producing the transformation of starch into sugar hence experiments on

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depressing character of the disease itself from which the patient does

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Rothmann and Foot especially in the anterior horns.

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work. Young scientists without track records may not get the

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Both the ventricles were quite filled with a dense white coagu

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rupted. Death from asphyxia is due to carbonic acid poisoning.

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