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Da der linke Arm nicht nur ohne Xutzen war, sondern unerhort
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of the ear, Blake, Clarence J., 27; aural and nasal examination
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For further information, address DOWNEY HOSPITAL, Gainesville, Ga.
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fracture of the right leg, and in one case of simple
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wound and an antiseptic dressing applied; over this a
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;iii(l all cCforls lo i-c\ivo (ho man ])ro\-(>(l unav:iil-
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and by a case under treatment by the method, I will try to
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nalis. aber das vorliegende Bild diirfte vielleicht audi durch ein
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ganized at the meeting of the State Medical Association
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torius, one of imr iii<'(lic;il pools, liad suiij^ of lier
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growth, very friable, giving no hold to forceps, and breaking with the
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when it became severe and vomiting usually occurred
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verzogen. Uber dem liuken unteren Lappen hinten Dampfung mit
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their meals or their indiscretions in diet, will come
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the secretary, either of whom will furnish information to
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although we could not be certain of its effect, yet it
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Dr. Philip M.\rvel, of .\tlantic City, N. ,)., read a
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the patient might assimie. A distinguishmg feature of
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not favor catching cold by " opening the ))ores;" that
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antitubereular serum in bone anil joint tuberculosis, given
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Ijekam sie eine beiderseitige Iridozyklitis. die allmahlioh wieder
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incision or laceration of the vaginal wall, and included
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of choice in the case utider treatment ? .'Vs to the time
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Lumbalpunl-iion am 15. Mai. Druck 65. 3 Zellen. Nonne pos,
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pies of rodent ulcers, or basal-celled epithe- met with in the field of dermatology, and we
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to twenty years (her exact age was twenty-one) . Tiie
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lung was the predetermining factor. This intra-pleural
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to the heart and the cause of its beat, whether muscular
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Letters from a Surgeon of the Civil War. Compiled bv
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Schlesingers diirfte im Gedachtnis zu behalten sein.
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another method of diagnosis which consists in admin
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for, roughly, 9 or 10% of malignant diseases of the uterus,
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will be more or less susceptible to future chicken pox or zoster
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came unconscious, but after a while he recovered and was able to
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