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the lower end of the fibula on a level with the upper sur-

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kept there until it was firm in its improved position

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I rail of the late Dr. Paul 1". Miuidc was jiresented

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principal .symptoms of renal or ureteral calculu.s are pa/»,

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that some of the murnuirs heard may have been functional,

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in opsonins, tulases, and extracts as a direct result

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die mediale Seite der Oberarme. Immer die Storung des Tastsinns

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.J. G. Field, surgeon. Detached from didy in the Bureau

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patient survive twelve hours. In this case a small pistol-shot entered

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of rheumatism, acute dilatation of the heart is far

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schon hervortrat, indeni nur beim sponlanen oder kiistlich hervor-

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$150,000 at least for clearmg the Fenway Brook, and that

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vicular spaces. So operation was possible, the patient

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Heart: Apex felt in the 5th space, 4J in. to the left

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Here is a row of cases that have been left with per-

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to the region, always under control of the opsonic index.

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(•iini|ilicatioMs, re(|uirinf; active, and more or less

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bimanual method is far less fatiguing than any other

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afterwards, whenever he could meet her. Whenever he left town

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und auch nicht an Beschv-erden seitens der Blase leidet. Sie kann

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Yollstandige Entleerung des Ventrikels nach 4 Stunden.

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tism. Even in the chronic cases a pulse of 90 to 110°

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of the Leg l>y the Methods of Trendelenberg and Schede. —

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entire freedom from the noise and distraction inciflent to city life.

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upon completion of which to rejoin his station. Nov. 10, 1900.

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