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schauung Bidder's fand jedoch keine Anerkennung, Kolliker wies

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physicians, researchers, and — for those of us who erred in fill-

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18. After minute care in scraping and cleaning bone

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eine leichte Rotung des Trommelfells wahrend der ersten Tage der

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zentration des Liquors ein diese kann sich jedoch kaum im Ver-

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the size of the index finger, ovoid in shape and attached

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1. The reported by Krauss is remarkaljle. Dislo-

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that they neutralize some poison secreted by another

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hypophysis have by no means been cleared, and in addition to

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Ein zu Rate gezogener Spezialist hegte den Verdacht auf eine lue-

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to be repeated se\eial times, the intervals depend-

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Erloschensein der Achillesreflexe und des rechtseitigen Kremaster-

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niichst keine Anerkennung. So ist z. B. interessant, dass Stil-

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drowsiness, inability to concentrate the attention,

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Wright, pathology, and Dr. E. W. Taylor, neurology.

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gestellt vor uns liegen. Wenn der Kliniker bei einem Fall, wo er

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from brain tis.sue) in a number of cases, ami noted benc'lit

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vessel at the seat of injury, and some brilliant examples are recorded

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in erster Linie die Moglichkeit eines Tumors zu priifen haben.

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proteid was decomposed in any diff'erent way than was

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The writer said that phygocytic cells, which have a

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menden Vagusfasern aus dem Spiele versetzen, wahrend die

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structures, antl no one having Ihc opportunity shouUl fail to note

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diirfte es vielleicht berechtigt erscheinen die Arbeiten aus ins-

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involving histological examination of tissue, — ■

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of this report is, therefore, given from hearsay. One

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Or because, having thought so, we think we will think so."

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