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The " lucifl interval " after injury, followed later by

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Ueber eine neue Methode der Deckung von Schiideldefecten.

side effects of cyproheptadine 4mg

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infundibulium is observed behind the chiasm and is continued

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Dr. Calvin Goddard has succeeded Dr. A. J. Lomas as

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may, to a certain extent, be benefitted by such a puncture and

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spasmodic convulsions then spread over the whole body whence the

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mation. Three cervical nodes on the right side were

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tubercles, and that the increase in the size of the

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of green flakes of amorphous matter, was present. No

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facilities for gambling and sports m.ay be suitable,

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gland." Recovery from the operation was uneventful.

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tures of tubercle bacilli of Arloing and Courmont, whose

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negative blood cultures ma}- help to exclude pneumonia,

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and was admitted to the Sabbatsberg-Hospital, at Stockholm. After

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developed not only on the surface, but also in the substance of the

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a thin simple structure, and the other a complicated

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syphilis of the cord and disseminated sclerosis. He also

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sac, abortion, is caused by this destructive action

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Instructor in Surgery, Tttfts College Medical School; Assistant Surgeon

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17. Cirrhosis of the liver is here restricted to the patho-

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Epiphysitis. Acute epiphysitis, femur. Hubbard, J. C. 64^1.

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on the vomiting of breast milk, the time and manner of

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war. Reithosenaniisthesie, Paralyse, resp. Parese in beiden Beinen,

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Grover shoe factory disaster with reference to the identification

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st rife and wai"fare which had cost the old republics

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portants sur la destruction du contage au moyen de la chaleur.

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* Beitrage zur Kenntnias der Lungen-Tuberculose. Dr. K.

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Albrecht: Virchow's Archiv., Bd. cl\i, a., 285, 1899.

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It would appear that absolute isolation of ty]3hoid

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W'ichern and Loening report a further series of cases from

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Cheever, president; Dr. G. W. Gay, vice-presirlenl ; Dr. W.

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