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insanitv. Tropical medicine. David Goodsall. Dr. J. H. Bell.

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heart specialist and who said he could cure the patient

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topics suffices for the orator's choice: The use or abuse of

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drate as to the individual condition of the patient.

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the constitution prepared in accordance with the plan

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biture, fut compose, pour la premiere fois par Horlein (Bayer &

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7. PoTOton re\ lews the recent literature upon arthritis

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on the other. In the one, as in the other direction the aberration

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The dark walled cyst from the right ovary was found

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The interesting features in the second case are, from a diagnostic

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pressed the tissue in the region of the auriculo- ven-

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grenzte Erhohung der Dura abzeichnen sehen oder sie als eine

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die bei Gesunden keine Anfalle veriirsachen, bei diesen iiber-

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taten, und wir konnen nunmehr auch fiir den Mensch ruhig etwas

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Bronchien. Notnagel u. Frank-Hochwart, Spez. Pathologie u. The-

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action was heavy, labored, most marked at apex. Pulse 40, regular,

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350 ccm. of cerebrospinal fluid is removed, containing throughout a

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markstumoren. Arch. f. klin. Chir., 1911, Bd 96, S. 963. Elsberg

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\V. B., a taUor, aged thirty-three years, who came to

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formuhr were often not true and the ingredients being

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Rontgenuntersucliung der Wirbelsaule hat daher auch kaum fiir

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of the cardiac dilatation ^\'hich follows it, due to a

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secured by stri|)ping the parietal peritoneum from the

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