Pyridium Vs. Azo Standard

routes of travel, nevertheless often deviating from them, bat travelling

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dans la litterature medicale, quoiqu'elles soient assez rares.

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Herrn Professor G. Forssell, der uns freundlichst zwei Kran-

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type and more than one half of the glandular type. To

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les bons effets du luminal sur le grand mal, mais il ajoute que

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dabei niemals mehr als 37.8. Auch in den spateren Monaten leidet

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anil for ten years he had been an attending physician to St.

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schwaehtes Atinen an den Lungenbasen. Punktion: rechts klare

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S. Shenton, W. H.: Urinary Calculus and its Detection

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Green's Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Medicine and Sur-

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feces, slmTing of speech, loss of knee jerks and unequal

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' wall. Operation five hours after receipt of the injury. Watson,

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worker in the field of trypanosomiasis. Lieut. Forbes

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L'feho M(5d. du Nord., Sept. 17, 1899; J. Larvng., Lond.. 1900, xv,

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liquid of the glands of the treponema pallida. There

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By Howard T. Karsner, M.D.. Professor of Pathology, Western Reserve University, and Eugene E. Ecker, Ph.D..

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resect a verj' generous portion of the apparently unin-

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deaf mute. The patient was unable to express himself

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und schliesslich beide nach der kranken Seite neigen, kann m. E.

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Neuhof^ die Meinung ausgesprochen, dass man auf eine solche

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of college grade, and that the preparation must include

pyridium vs. azo standard

the disease as rapidly as possible and having the pre-

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Surgeon-General's office, so that at the present time it is the scene of

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period the patient suffered from dyspeptic symptoms

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schwulstzellen zu finden. In vielen Fallen sind sie gar nicht nach-

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