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to permit of their being considered in this connection.

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tendency to more or less complete restitution of the

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caused by toxic suVjstances which are formed by cytolysis

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From the 2nd medical clinic of the Serafimer Hospital, Stockholm.

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werden; moglicherweise war eine leichte Parese im rechten Bein

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before aspiration of air in the chest; after aspiration

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in adilition to a general redness of the jjarts, several

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optysis, but is in fair condition in another sanatorium.

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altogether a chimerical dream, but .states that the idea is

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Catholic Cliurch, and he formally invested with the

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Die ganze Serumtherapie ist bekanntlich auf der Voraussetzung

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as a matter of course that this will be of avail chiefly for more

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fying results obtained with Dextri-Maltose. cow's milk

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2. Shoemaker, J. V., and Bosro.v, L. N. Benign Cystic

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aortic regurgitation, extreme hypertrophy. I'^ntered

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fiir angezeigt. Es wnrde zu diesem Zwecke eine neue Lumbal-

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tion, from slight changes about the vessels to destruc-

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a specific effect, viz., an improvement of the retarded metabolism.

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jerks, Argyll- Robertson pupils and a zone of dimin-

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ohne Besonderkeiten. Die Dura wolbte sick im Scknitt abnorm

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accuracy and efficiency from our staff of experienced workers in this field.

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pensation. These same cases all improved with Mendel's

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wegen Riickenmarkstumor. Ibd., S. 553. (l Fall). Kiittner, Vorstellung

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Tumor sei am 7. — ^8. Dorsalsegment des Riickenmarks gelegen.

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prised when you reveal to them their insensibility.

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isms are not desired Ijy any of us, and we avoid, so

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curriculum, Harrington. Thomas F.. 247; a report on the exami-

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had no jiain at any time. During the hist two years

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the femoral arter\- on each side is compressed just below

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diately with dosing and friction, with strong sinapisms over the en-

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death, and took cow's milk, but never any solid food.

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