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Dr. Raymond C. Torek, Jacksonville, has succeeded Dr
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of the speculum in this case contributed to the result.
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jihysician in any climate wishes a patient who has lost
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steadies the circulation and improves imtrition. Opi-
blum minipress parts
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Mit Hinblick auf die Anamnese und die jetzt vorgenommene Be-
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und nach Gabelung am unteren und oberen Augenlid, innige
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to diabetes, the urine containing pentose, a sugar which
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erhalten sein, welches sich wahrscheinlich relativ leicht herabziehen
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urgent sym]3toms that the patient was put to bed. For
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differente. Mais tant que Ton ne connait pas la morpliologie des
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bromide. The dose should be increased up to the point
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ence and the, at times, serious nature of functional
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ami the license to prac'tise, is accountable in large
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den Beinen ohne irgendwelche Sensibilitatsstorungen oder Blasen-
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fait un releve de Faction de la chaleur sur quelques-uns des ultra-
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which I might mention had been dressed and Paris Scientific Review the rays of X-ray and
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completely heals up after an incision, the patient gradually
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Bronchiektasien links unten. Subfebril, fotider Aus^rurf. Am 20.
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may be compressed into three stages, says Conrad Iber of the
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doing the nursing in the Mass. General, until .January,
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man's hantl, has been showni by Colcott Fox, as possibly
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In the last of these attacks, he fell into my hands.
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gin of the opening in the trachea, into which I again introduced the
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F. S. Na«h, surgeon. Detached from the " Moiiaduock " ami
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were those of partial consolidation, usually at the
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officers: Dr. J. D. Fitzpatrick. President; Dr. Owen Pig-
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hat, und zwar, weil er diesen Arm moglichst viel gebraucht.
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the resistance which is not tender except over the lateral part where

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