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the buildings will be open for inspection, and after-

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posons de montrer Taction qu'exerce la chaleur sur notre virus

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1. H. I. Femme non mariee agee de 37 ans. Elle a toujours

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todi di indagine). (tav. XXII.— XXXIII.). 1883—1885. Golgi, Arch,

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end it is often of great help to have a detailed chronological

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liriincliial fihincls. In gouonil, in the cases oljserved, the

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in I'ig. 1, is requisite. In addition to this strijjs

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five weeks, and was applicalile in cases where tonics were

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detecting these conditions in the chest was variable.

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wird. Keine Empfindlichkeit oder ,vSchwellung» in der Magengrube.

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Rasseln. Rontgenologisch: links grosser Hilus, lateral wiirts nach links

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a priori etwas befremdend erschien, da ja ein Karzinom in diesem

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entire])" clear up. The child then appeared to develop

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influences such as poverty, drug use, and being raised by a single parent.

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who was insane : E. T. B., 35 years old, hav- and expressed great anxiety for its safety, ac-

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Die einzigen siclieren positiven Befunde waren der Kernig, das

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All correspondence should be addressed to Kenilworth

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a stone was found in the lower end of the ureter with-

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nary examination showing only a trace of albimien, a

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tenderness. The x-ray showed a fracture, apparently

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was no eidargcment of the iXM-ipheral lymjih nod(\s.

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estal)lislied. Such colonies, he thinks, could lie made self-

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conunonplace, concerned as they arc with tlie affairs

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observation did not agree with that of Dr. .\dain8;

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lays nnich stress on the drying of the skin after sweating

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of these latter were attacked by the disease, while large numbers of

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avian dien cephalon — especially the optic thalamus — fnay — in the

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die Durchschneidung oder Ausreissung eines sensiblen Nerven nicht

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