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ment of animal chemistry, and the light it has shed

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terial forms under uniforni temperatures. The third

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the ankle joint are overstrained, and in the worst cases more or less

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been the case. But the reality has been very different. For though,

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and their comparative youth. It has been already noted that Avomen

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inference that it is weakening. There is no evidence that it pro-

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grayish red or quite dark red, the stellate veins often showing plainly. A

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In a quantitative analysis we have to determine not only the

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conferred upon them ; and that they might carry with

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attended with pyuria. In pyonephrosis the discharge of pus is apt to be

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to this subject, and the observations of Bouillaud, Macleod, Hawkins,

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loth : Is much better. Was decidedly relieved after five or six

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Excitements should be avoided, as well as excessive weariness.

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disturbance of the thermal apjjaratus there can be no doubt.

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legal restrictions. The question may also be raised whether at times a

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51. Middleton : American Journal of the Medical Sciences, October, 1887.

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with nocturnal expeditions in the interest of the ana-

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month. At the same time it was declared expedient to

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the first vaccination, it affords a sense of security which is valuable.

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utilizable nutritive material. On the other hand, in cases of moder-

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this thesis, it is impossible to suppose that more than a comi)aratively

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another, constituting a local manifestation of a general tendency to

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difficulty of obtaining any trustworthy information will be greatly

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the fact observed by Sir A. Garrod that no excess of uric acid is to

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witness the aromatic sulphates which are constantly present in the urine,

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Then we have atrophies produced by what I would cnll functional

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tilage is also occupied by the same crystalline deposit; but whether

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may threaten serious results. It is sometimes necessary when the

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had served with credit for several years in the same

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of the preformed adipose tissue, and on the other hand with a fatty

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great amount of harm in the aggregate. They are often the cause

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from time to time, but even these remedies are more injurious than

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ralgia, neuralgic pains, angina cordis, asthma, pruritus, eczema, im-

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