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Smithies' paper. Selenew, I. F., Ulcus rotundum Ventriculi bei
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evils of the social and of the educational systems,
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to be lightly adherent to the parietes and there was a
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temperature beaucoup plus basse. Vu ces faits, cet auteur a
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manchesmal erst sogleich nach der Einblasung. Allgemeinbefinden sehr
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Nach Mitteilung von Dr. M. Asplund, der den Patienten spiiter
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im oberen Teile des Beckens eine etwas liber huhnereigrosse, weiche
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touched upon the prognosis of this injury which, according
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aber von den Physiologen und ist durch Reizversuche gewonnen.
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we were dealing with a large extradural hemorrh.age;
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The night of Jan. 28 he was seen by the night nurse
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*• Monatschr. ftlr Psyehiat. lind Neurolog, xix, 244, Marrh, 1900.
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mit Gelenken, die in beliebigen Stellungen festgestellt werden konnen.
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of euphory. She can do simple sums, but when it is a question of
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pain and the increased tenderness of the ovary sufi-
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taken of the discharge. In spite of the local condition
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the scalp, hand and knee joint, as well as compoimd
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About the latter part of August there was still some
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ing artificial serums, organic extracts, antitoxins, etc.
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was suitable; when imsuitable, no good can come of such
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disturbance in older patients as well as in infants,
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suprapul)ie incision for a glass drainage tube carried down
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infantile hemiplegia. In many of these the lesion had
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vertebrae. It was evident that whoever had done this
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acter to this disease, to distinguish it from other
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for their training , of course, while in such
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cial wounds and injuries, of some of their complications, and of the
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is not even disguised, as in Barrie's play, under the name
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and finally the chairman of the Charles River Basin Com-
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of the utter failure of radium in the treatment ing radium in the clinics abroad refused to
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weise klingende Rassel. Bontgen: von dem vergrosserten Hilus-
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that it .seemed he could not have i)ulled through save
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oxygenation and relieve the heart muscle of toxins.
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order that the entire series may clearly rejiresent
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six days later, I found the patient to be a well built,
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gathered from the literature, together with his own ex-

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