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objection and that was the anesthesia that followed
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briefly outlined will convince any one that a large
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Der Ausgangspunkt des subduralen extramedullaren Tumors
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and it may be asked whether the occasionally marked effect of
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Pat. erhielt 10 Mercuriolinj. a . 2 Str. Grleichzeitig mit der ersten
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operation. Where operation is not performed, two meii.s-
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Die motorische Unruhe war in den niichsten Tagen nach den Ope-
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lesions, but were the result of secondary infection, with
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doppelseitiger Wurzelschmerzen flihren. Infolgedessen glaube
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tisch. Beginnende Beugekontraktur in den Fingern. Patellarreflexe
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Apathy fand nun, dass diese Neiirofibrillen von der Peripherie,
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springenden Fasern, die als solche am besten erkannt werden,
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tribute much of the failure in tuberculosis work to the fact
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the hospital she soon regained consciousness but seemed dull and
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given the references to these articles, the last of them
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mechanically assisted, while the sinusoidal current
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¬Ľnur die Unkenntnis von der Spezifitat des Neurofibroms als
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1199. Goldsmith, A. A., Syphilis of the stomach. Illinois med.
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case of idiopathic hydrocephalus with marked adiposogenital
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disturbance which is fruitful at present, while the
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Klinisch ist iiber die Wirkungen einer Lahmung des Crico-
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carried the matter so far as it has gone now, and the
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Beijerinek, Centr. f. Bakt. Orig. Bd. 5. Burnet, Ann. de Tinst-
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Marwin. Fourth edition. Trov, N. Y.: Pafreats Book Co.
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reddish blue in color and on section a thin, slightly
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foot positive, right uncertain. X-rays examination previous to cerebral
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G. P. LUMSDEN, surgeon. Ordered to report to the Presi-
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(jiia non; we need not know its name, but we must both
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C. C. Grieve, assistant surgeon. Detached from rluly at
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after treatment of every case should be that of incipient

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