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to left ventricular ejection fraction. Causes of death were classi-

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(iwarfing through disufec of the mental capabilities

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Blake, j. B., and Cotton, F. J. Gas bacillus infection. Amputation.

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disease, I shall try to keep him under obserA'ation for a

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jecting animals with the avian bacilli and he explained

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that the best results are obtaineil. .Most of the are

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medical education; it has stood. 'successfully in an

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in question, the more it will appear in this active form. In this

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Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania.

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d. D. Gesellsch. f. Chir., 1913, S. 647 (5 Fiille). Hildebrand, ibd.,

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Meeting hulii in .Vtlantic City, Ma.v 12-14, IflOG.

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cific secjuete, and since there had been an interim of

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dosen einen grossen Uberschuss von Antitoxin enthalten. Man

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Tiefenanastliesie, die Gleicligevviclitstorung, alles Symptome die

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and experimental pharmacologist to enlighten us in these

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regulation of the temperature, whose isolation, by means of sec-

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legs, palms of hands and soles of feet. Sore throat.

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the great ad\antages over cocain, that they arc only one

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hereditary point of view. At Christmas, 1921. the patient began

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lungs. Tliese results are analogous to those of Schloss-

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bathB. New Gymnasium and recreation building, physical culture, new "Zander" machines, shower Imths. Modem Bath House'

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catheter life failed, .^s to the operations of choice wv

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our sense, we are still Hip])ocrates his, we are still

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and began to trouble her two days out of seven, so that she had

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.system. He bcli('vcs that piMiphcral ncurolie bone

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restiiction of diet that is useless, and a deluging of the

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that was needed for a cure was faith in her nefarious

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quarter souls, distinguished from the rest of the popula-

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Like most new surgical triumphs, it was likely to be

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being ready to sail, they were again submitted to an

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