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with here and there superficial ulcers. The sigmoid
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long sajjlienous vein, of 11 ca.^-s, 32 or 78% were cured or
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13. Richards, G. L. Tivo Cases of Abductor Paralysis.
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whether this work would have developed to the benefit
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keit der Stimme bei erhaltenen Glottisbewegungen stimmt gut
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Stiles, Ch. Wahdell, chief. Division of Zoology. Granted
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candle, gas burner or incandescent electric light ami ex-
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orifice. The pouch to the inner side of the ureteral
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Die Hohe dieses Gebietes entspriclit etwa 2 — 3 Fingerbreiten. Die
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des Lemniscus sowie der Fibrae arcuatae vorausgesetzt werdeny'
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had this pain since the age of seven years two or three
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3. Aufl., Stockholm 1912. Von diesem Handlxioh gibt es audi englische, t'ran-
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bility of his developing a malignant tumor, he requested
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pate with pleasure such a solution of the difficulty
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9. *G()i,nFL.\M, S. .1 Case oj Congenitid Fain ill/ Anky-
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ing: " (1) The necessity of more careful clinical antl
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occurred within the last few weeks, bore a name early
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limits of the paralysis. This is, in general, simply
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besondere die Frage, was sind die Kollateralen. Handelt es sich
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committee was appointed, representing all the counties
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tion. Heilung. Mitt. a. d. Grenzgeb. d. Med. u. d. Chir., Bd 25,
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Itemarlis. — As suggested by the patient, i)robaljly there had been
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5. Ritter, E. On the Demonstration of the Spirochete
phenazopyridine hydrochloride tablets usp pyridium
7. In onUT to save time and prevent .shortening of the

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