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impressed with the great value of the services rendered by the head


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SENECA EGBERT, M. D., Dean, Seventeenth and Cherry Streets, Philadelphia, Pa.

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tioniert. Vom 19. Mai ab fingen starke Schiittelfroste (Temp, bis

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iiberwies, und habe ich demnach den kranken keine Zeit ver-

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dazu der Mangel in verhaltnismassig vielen Fallen der Mitteilungen

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distinguishable from Ehrlich's myelocytes. The cells

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effect of ni<'otine upon the aorta of the rabbit and to

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remedial measures as to increase the patient's chances

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degree consist not in the mere defect but in the positive form of

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of a week or two. In another case of fracture of the

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p. 715. Botet. A propos dun cas de syph. gastr.. Ann. academie y

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In the last of these attacks, he fell into my hands.

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14. Belfield advocates the treatment of inflammatory

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Auswurf immer reichlich und iibelriechend blieb, wurde am " /5 1919

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She is not interested in anything. Has shivering fits, but no fever;

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this subject, in which he detailed 10 cases involving

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6. Baudet, R., and Kendirdjy, L. Vaso-vesiculectomy

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cha^ten verschiedener Form im Mageninhalt bei Carcinoma ventriculi.

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ovariotomies, often mitral stenosis in women, etc., and

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in estimating clinically the values of the different

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lower lid. He complains of very little ocular discom-

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sehr gut gewesen, aber die leicht eitrige Sekretion verschwindet

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Noch ein Befund in diesem Falle ist wert unterstrichen zu

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charitable intent, this holding good for almost all our

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((ueiitly must be regarded as a faulty action of the

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— Hochhaus, Miinch. med. Woch. 1913, p. 385. Ytterst knapphan-

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of destruction occasioned by the disease, but is of

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prodigiosus was also reguLirly present in the stomach

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1922, I, N° 3189, p. 217. Ganghey et Tyree (du Missouri), Syphilis

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Within three years the patient had full control of the

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das diirfte gegenwartig nicht bewiesen werden kdnnen. Dass

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der ganzen linken Lunge hinten. nach unten ziinehmend, reicliliche

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ne^er occur. Perigastric adhesions demand operation

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