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the Sick esteemed past Cure. It opens the Brest and
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cal man is 1,400. whereas in 1882 it was 1,700. Be-
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ence of every practitioner sooner or later and at a
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is still studying it. Textbooks are devoting perhaps
as cooks, waiters or waitresses, laundresses, maids,
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frequent, at least from the early stages of infeiction,
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children from tuberculo.sis, tuberculosis and the school,
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cases apparently not unlike — as a fact, no two peo-
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drosis — bone grafts or anything of that kind. I don't recall having seen
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(p. 840) . . . the initial lesions and the symptoms,
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he thinks is less. Too much \veight must not be laid on
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of time, during which treatment with mouth washes and
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FiSK, Owen C, Lieutenant. Medical Corps. August 25th,
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Philadelphia. Dr. John T. Farrell, of Providence, R. I.,
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soldiers incapable for military service. The striking prominence
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The Third District Branch of the Medical Society of
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gtiinea pig liver and heart, the other an alcoholic
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sult the children of such progenitors are ever prone
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a decoction it is an excellent diluent of cow's milk.
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217 are from Original Photographs. Volume II. The Gen-
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of an invisible virus has not yet been supported by
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Brothers. — In New York, on Thursday, October 13th,
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spiritiis z'italis. which presided over all the charac-
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half hours after the injury. In the interval the pa-
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requisite to employ it in accordance with the char-
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the eruption, which will be described separately, the ex-
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7. The Behavior of the Heart in Scoliosis, By Brugsch.
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tients must be met with, but he did not see any pos-
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tend that it is better for the race, as a whole, that
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form of phthisis, is mentioned statistically. Of lep-
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spinal cord. Less frequently does the operation fail
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LAND SiiERRiLL. of Louisvillc. reported a case of a
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enlightened to enable us to put the venereal diseases
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"The ready assimilation of 'Glidine' is of importance in feeding the healthy as well as the sick. It shows
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5. Dciitsclic incdizinische ll'oclienschrift, March ji.
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senses of the inquisitive, were: the sky (ccther), sun
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parties et en particulier dans le rein, elle amene le
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out the knowledge of sickness or disease itself, per-
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