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unless he relaxed his exertions, he would, at no distant day, furnish an eminent
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atemesis has occurred, and in which the probability of a deep
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ble vapor, and an acid volatile oil, called acroleine or acroleon,
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not terminate with the autumnal diseases; for time and rest
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time its fibrillar serve as millions of the most vigilant senti-
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Glorious horseback riding has proved more efficient as an
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«' clinical course " in Detroit, constituting " an auxiliary to the medi-
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number became the Pennsylvania Medical Journal. It is the
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injuring the ciliary body and choroid still further, and
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medical department, the establishment of a State general hospital, to be
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eighth rib. The lunys were very small, and solid, like liver, lying
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cured, he renewed his occupation, and we lost sight of him entirely. On
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imperfect, pulse about 50 and intermittent. An examination
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as it always does, is exposed to the air at a temperature of
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" These men have obscured and confounded the natu e of th'ngs, by their false principles and
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— first, a close alliance between the local societies and the State So-
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inhalation of different substances, but have never obtained any satisfactory
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cines were indicated. The menstrual discharge continued for thirty-six
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more stimulating character, as liq. anod. Hoffm., morph.
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careful, and would not grudge an hours careful examination of
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tient and abandon all operations, directed him to eat, insuring him his
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during past five months, but cough dates back but three weeks. Percus-
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withstanding his sly allusion to the color of our pet horse. Long may
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and error, ignorance and knowledge, medicine has always taken a con-
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ent in consequence of its irritating effect upon the air passages aid
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lower level than the left (suggesting a lesion of one
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up the conclusions from all that has been said, which, I think, are
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been entertained, that the sympathetic nerve of the human
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physiological truths, but that also of listening to his own exposi-
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tion into the case for nearly three weeks after delivery. Finally,
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which they melted with the carbonic acid they expired, found
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14. "Some New Thoughts in the Treatment of Locomotor Ataxia"— J. K.
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behind from the internal aspect of the ischiatic spine, and (3) in
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It is agreed by all authorities, that all the signs of fracture are
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protest against them as a mode applicable to rustic constitu-
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These principles are sought and ultimately attained through an
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heat by operating, directly, upon any materials received into
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carried out, I had the pleasure of seeing my patient improve,
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plished in the s j "evolution," or "expulsion,'' tut whether
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performed above the knee ;• the stump yielded a most profuse and
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1 cwt. (112 lbs. Av.) = 1.1ft hundred weights = 7 stones 8.4 lbs., or .784 cwt.
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of the funnel directed toward the outer surface, thus lessening in
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ted to thirty-nine per cent, in the infantry, and in eight corps actually
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they shall be deprived of its healthy, life-giving stimulus.
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