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eight to fourteen days the disease may have entirely disap-

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became anpestheticised ; the respiration very frequent, and dys-

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Parkes and Wollowicz's Experiments on the Effects of Alcohol (Ethyl-

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fangs free from all diseased periosteum and cementum, but

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to the probable effect in disease, would be deduced from the ap-

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given was aromatic tincture, in one fluid drachm doses, at in-

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and finally healing by granulation, and (2) iniections which

sildigra posologie

obtained. It not infrequentl}^ happens that swine suffering

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serum at the temperature of the body and in an atmosphere of

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practitioners if they have had any similar cases, and invariably

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well-defined nests in the stroma of the connective tissue,

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until the results of a bacteriological examination have been

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London Agents:— Thomas Christy & Co., 4, 10 and 12 Old Swan Lane, Upper Thomes St. E. C.

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rapid course and terminating fatally. The lesions consist

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other ages or in peculiar temperaments. This may be repeated when a

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Stomachic Pill. — The following is the prescription for an excellent din-

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powerful men, and the greatest expenders of muscular power in

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occasions very little pain, is exceedingly simple, and requires no

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retention of urine. I know instances of cases, which have led me

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remarkable degree, the property of diminishing the red globules

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pest. Any hides, skins, horns or hoofs not accompanied by such

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simultaneous use of both that I wish to call attention.

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violent, the most powerful astringents were used ; and when the

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tendency to produce constipation. After thus commenting on

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some of the consequences of portal congestion upon the capillaries

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recover, or at least to pass into the stage of convalescence, be-


from without. To illustrate more fully the differences in the

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to keep the masses in ignorance. Is it not preposterous and humiliating to

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at length one was passed, but the patient absented himself, yet

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