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wider sense; though the pathetic fellow in his soul
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the tissue affected, or the constitutional predisposition
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by intra-peritoneal injections ; an ovarium tumor complicated
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been directed to the spleen by reason of its unusually large size
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quinine, and even of opium when indicated. If marked, and
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remedies we have to reduce the frequency of the pulse in certain
Being formed within the lungs, these sounds may be called endo-
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blanched and death-like in appearance, and exhausted to an ex-
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Usual Prescription. — IJ Chelone glabra, 5i; water, §iv. M.
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stimulant influence upon the vegetative processes. Properly used,
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Experiment IX., M. Brown-Sequard, by a ligature around
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of definitely determining whether there was or was not an open-
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for remedies that relieve it. If the impulse be sharp, the
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membrane. Notwithstanding the various ways in which rapid
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cubic centimeter of distilled water, in which the film remains for
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and not unfrequently give rise rather to a scrofulous and
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vantage in its traction on the costal border because there was

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