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nococci develop in the pleural cavity the symptoms resemble those of

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reported one case in which there was no spinal sclerosis, but in which

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In acute parenchymatous myocarditis the muscle is opaque gray and

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of the term. Some time i^ the early part of 1860 she lost her voice,

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transverse colon, in part from the variation in the tension and in part

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DEFINITION. A disease of early childhood, characterized by abnor-

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bread, the safest occupation is probably that of a car-driver or a motor-

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brane, continuous courses, spreading over months, of minute doses of

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there is danger of suffocation or of broncho-pneumonia. In consequence


to Pacanowsky, the normal upper border of the stomach is near the fifth

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and decomposition of food which lodges in the diverticulum.

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being due especially to embolism or food-inhalation. The solitary variety

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skin on the part of the surgeon. Internal remedies and external

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lic hospitals are now m a manner eschewed : personal friends and

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of pancreatic hemorrhage, its etiology is in part that of the hemorrhage,

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causes pain in the region of the heart. Sudden profuse hemorrhage stops

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are recognized without the aid of the microscope. More important is

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much higher, even up to eighty. The bites of rabid wolves are four or

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more or less. During the period of arrested breathing the pulse is rapid

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underlying condition. Mercurials, alkalies, and all depressing remedies

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muscles, which are usually not affected in true poliomyelitis, are almost

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disease of the lungs, peritoneum, stomach, liver and gall-bladder, intes-

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disturbances, but under no circumstances should they be given in large

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which they are most often found is the brain, usually in the membranes

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the patient's strength is saved as much as possible and bed-sores pre-

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