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SciiLESiNGER. — In Brooklyn. N. Y.. on Monday. January

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the difficulty in persuading patients of the humbler class

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I'lG. 6. — Case XVII. i'orty hours later, showing tr.tnsposition and

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three stools ; feels much debilitated, with much soreness through

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hol. Indeed, it is not overstating the facts, as they

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under the influence of the gas, since t)ie great discovery of Wells,

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and later, lie had /ried to look in froin below and

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ing and absorbing rays; and as the rellection and absorption, so is

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peared on dorsoventral transillumination at a Pneumococci (poValent) 0.01 to 0.02 mg.

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sixteen to sixty or eighty per second, as the neces-

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excision of epithelioma of the scalp, excision of carci-

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on hard roads. In standing, the leg is bent to take

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open air life. There was another factor that should

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exhibited by Dr. E. D. Hudson >f New York, for all the varieties of

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at any point above the knee or fetlock, except in rare

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microorganisms, but also in the formation of fibrous

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If the udder is large and pendulous, supporting it with

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Ihal in llie trachea and bronchi, whereby the aeration ol

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immunity. The region described is south and east of

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regards force and motion in their ultimate and nascent conditions, '

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taining style, and fully illustrated, will prove wel-

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