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muscles de la face, des levres et de la langue. Cette hypertonic

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a large staff of detailed line officers, performs all

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alies frequently observed during the cour.se of this

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with a sheet. She had endocarditis and her tempera-

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The other cases cited showed that the examination for

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inummizcd with the iiltrate of typhoid e\iltures contains

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fahig ist, sich verschiedenen Anforderungen anzupassen, aber

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nur einige wenige kbcm. der Luftmenge einzupressen, die ungefahr

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ivith Enucleation of the Prostate in an Aged Patient:

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might be some renal lesion, and found to be practically

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Physicians ami Surgeons of the United States washela in

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finger: successive amputations of the phalanges; abatement of

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fois a des epoques differentes, a donne des resultats qu'on lit dans

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capacity for treatment. Xauheim is not a panacea for

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in the fire last spring. Most of the physicians also lost

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training of the nur.se. In certain respects, we can any

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markstumoren bei Erwachsenen, die Gegenstand wissenschaft-

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continued during the day, the os dilating slowly. The

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At the ankle-joint formal excisions have rarely proved successful,

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first consideration and when not effective alone, the

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5. Ganz, K. Tlir Treatment of Gonorrhea with Arhon'n.

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for co-oi)eration between the clinician, the patho-


sequently 1 decided to make a puncture on the right, believing

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ance. The writer also referri-d to the possibility of

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In this state there is nothing to suggest, from the

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tion l>y an explosion of gas in the cellar of a drug store.

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