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apes are most recent in cerebellar evolution. It now can be stated
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Gangstorung hat erheblich zugenommen, die linke Fussspitze hiiugt
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que Bryant recommande chaleureusement la therapeutie cal-
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that I have learned to greatly value, that of work — preferably
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duced them, cause an increased susceptibility to infection
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mon clay-pipe should pro\e so endowed! It is worthy
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to tile nature and causation of .^tokes-Adams disease.
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offen. Die iiussere Untersuchung ergiebt nichts besonderes. Keine
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ty])ical of pernicious anemia, liunting concludes that
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with renal cells and blood corpuscles adherent, and
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Wahrend des letzten Jalirzents ist unsere Auffassung von
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encephalitique. Cette question n'est pas seulement d'un inte-
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absence of tympany in Traulie's space are to be noted.
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selten. Hampeln fand jenes 7mal, dieses 3mal. Seltener verlauf t
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und in den Endigungen derselben in den peripheren Organen
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the distinction is much harder to make. He considers a
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intellectually defective hysterics of a low class, where it is often
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ulcer surgical treatment is not indicated, and only
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case, the menstruation ceased as an initial symptom). A
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red. At the palpation of the naso-pharynx both ostia of the Eusta-
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neuritis, and that has diminished. She feels ])erfectly
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secondary to some deeper infection, the primary focus
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hinten, aber nach vorne 3 cm unter der Mamillarebene. Die Aus-
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der Pathogenese der Krankheit noch durch Tierversuche ein
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surroundings anil constant abuse. (4") Tliis last class is
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tions in all cases of abnormal defecation, and not be con-

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