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125. Laycock: Medical Times and Gazette, vol. ii., 1864, p. 323.
topamax dosing seizures
A patient of Matthes, 3 who was given her own dried excised gland,
topamax prescription card
duration of the disease at death or at the time the case was pub-
can i lose weight on 50 mg of topamax
vious to this treatment. In this case all symptoms were relieved, the
topamax for sciatic nerve pain
tion, 6 died from the operation; in the other 7 the result was not
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in the majority of cases at a remote period from the original infec-
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cious of this complication in every attack. Very often, however, the
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period 55 to 59, namely 325 per 10,000; in colored female 241 per
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in May, 1914, resulting in death at the Pellagra Hospital on May 30, 1914.
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Death may occur from a slight attack of pneumonia or bronchitis,
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She has never been in contact with a case of pellagra so far as known.
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viz. , obliterating j)hlebitis of the smaller veins, obliterating phlebitis
can topamax cause a torn retina
pathetic system has been found to be quite healthy, and that such
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Veal, W. J.: The relation of recurrent attacks of pellagra to ra<
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Chylous Ascites and Chylothorax. — The association between chy-
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globin and a very large amount of bilirubin, and was not turbid. The bilirubin
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in white men in the age period 55 to 59 represent an incidence of 325
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or disintegration of a thrombotic deposit by molecular necrosis.
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gland. Thus in those cases in which sufficient thyroid gland tissue had
topamax zanaflex zonegran
bladder, as in metritis, perimetritis, cancer of the uterus or rectum,
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teins, fats, and carbohydrates, according to the acknowledged dietary

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