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or sit upright. He has lost considerable weight and strength since

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both at head, and on the fides , which is not ufual in

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the Flowers being palt away, little round Heads luc-

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which ate near the Sea : but it alfo grows natural-

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proposed Congress in preparing the way for the adoption of a

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tick, and very fit for a hot Stomach, Lecaufe by rea-

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Juice exalted, and therefore may be given in a lefler

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of the Veffeis. It induces a gentle Sweating, after

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the sutures the needle should penetrate into the submucosa, and

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hope or expe&ation : and all this it does purely by

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fuch Preparation as Soda and R ochetta have, for the

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Plowman’s Spicknard, Spicknard Plowman’s, 2Lc«

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Specifick for curing a Pleurifie, asalfo Stitches, Pe-

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tic movements, best described as catching or chasing a fly away, throw-

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venat the edges, and pointed at the ends, with long

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which the Leaves do fi and : It bears fever al Flowers

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growing by River fide 4-, it is a very /mail Riant,

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Mountains of Spain, Candia , and Syria, bur with us

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bejore deferibed. In the midft of the Flower is a f. 'moll

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Acid Tintturc. 1 1 . An Oily Tin&ure. 1 2. A Li-

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Devils-Bit. Its Root is made up of many Strings , like

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on thighs. Slight external rotation of right leg. Swelling and red-

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Fibrous , perifhing every Tear. It 1 ms feldom more

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itiHgmatioiis, alleviates pain, and gives eale in the

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kincenfe, or Allheal. It has a great and white Root,

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nofis Bauhini , Clufius his firft Spanilh Silver Knap-

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Freeing the upper of the thyroid gland after the muscles have been divided

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Stalks, of a woody Subfiance a If o. Jet or armed with

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form of growing, and Seed, is exaffly like the former,

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board before he shall be allowed to put up a prescription and

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be applied to the Wound whilft it is recent, or pre-

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tice until near the close of life, which occurred in 1794, at the

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congregation in playgrounds or in places of amusement during an

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of a light or pale blcwifh color : After which, comes

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Root confifiing of a fmall bufh of White Fibres, bin

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and ere fled on the back, ai moft of the XJmbel life'-

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l, eaves, ftripedwith white Lines, bothonthe Leaves

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a little in Meat or Flefh Broth, it is a prefent Re-

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