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who remain in their own homes, forming the most im-
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* Rivista Speriment. di Freoiat.. xxxii, 225, June, 1900.
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beobachtete Erscheinung. Dass die essentielle Hypertonic auch
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pituitary membrane is in an acute state of irritability, easily bleeding
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the nose, for pus from the antrum will onl\' be olitained
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obtained, directly in per cent if the dilution used is 1 to 10,
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ing of streets. .Meoholisni and alcoliolic nostrums in-
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fall in the 19 being over 8 mm. Some special influ-
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Atlas fu.sed, 6 c, 1 cd. (?), 11 d., 5 1. Articular
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Africa 'ad a dam 'thin time if there's many o' them flyin'
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cleansing thai had l)een done and discounting the trc-
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be by first intention. The iodoform-plomlie is merely
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ing the children of tuberculous parents int<j the country
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the two ureters. The technical difficulties are not ex-
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resonant upon percussion throughout. Feeling that the only resource
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that the condition was scleroma. Dr. Mayer re\iewed
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to make the state sanitaria centers of scientific researc'h.
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s\-mptoms and the results of persistent sputum examina-
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den Ursacbszusammenhang zu denken, zumal man in diesem
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mit verlangertem Expirium, sowie gross- und mittelblasiges Rasseln.
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pflegen scheint, wiirde der geeignetste, weil nicht irrefiihrende
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use the title of a justly celebrated book, is master
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of the stomach and intestines; he compares it to uiter-
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a mild dry cocktail to be tak(!n five or ten mimites
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darauf hin, dass entweder irgendwo eine sezernierende Hohlung
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Curtis, acting assistant surgeons. Ordered to Naval Medical
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that the intestinal symptoms ilepended entirely upon
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with the Diagnosis and Treatment of Poisoning. By Cassius
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I'emulsion chauffee, deux autres Lapins, nos 402 et 403, furent ino-
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L. Minor, AsheviHe, was also appointed a member of the
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The soft cushion-like step and notable absorption of shock that
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a d'autres remedes. J'ai deja mentionne que Ducoste, dans

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