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Darstellung bringt und lediglich die Fibrillen und nicht andere
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ill acid media and |)roducc lactic acid, inhabil the upper
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cities and towns as to the extent lead is still used
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l)harynx, both tonsils and peritonsillar region intensely
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(2) The microscopic appearance resenibl<-s closely that
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(lowmvarfl along the frreater curvature. It was most
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' F. S.. 6i6- six cases of gastric and one of intestinal cancer, "Wliitc.
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vereinzelter, herdformiger Infiltration basal. Nervensystem: Psj'che
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The displacement in both cases probably is due mechanical
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1. Kutscher describes a case in which the lumbar fluid
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tion of the blood is found. This applies both to normal
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driicklich von His und Waldeyer erwahnt. Da sie nun in dem
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A Journal of Medicine, Surgery and Allied Sciences, published at
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fleckige Herde; hier und da streifige Aufhellungen. Sputum: 60 ccm,
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finally removed it all by a process of morcellation.
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by its location usually pointed to the locality of the
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to inoculation with the avian bacillus, but from his
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slope of the Alps has a great deal of rain ; but — peculiarity
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Turgie C. I. Ask in Luud aufgeschnitten wurde, hatte sie ungefiihr
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the costo-chondral junction, which consist in a transforma-
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tively little as to the pulmonary side of it in the
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Mr. Editor: Your editorial in issue of Oct. 2.5, I9U(i,
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or gastro-intcstinal folic. No family histor*- of a
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wrist. This shows that the defecti\e contractility was
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Literatur zusammengestellt, ware es hochstens moglich gewesen,
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war der Tumor niclit einmal makroskopisch radikal entfernt.
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possible. Right cerebellar region first explored; then
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Unverricht meint die Pneumothoraxtherapie die Bronchialerwei-
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Serge Voronoff': Qnarante-trois Greft'es du Singe a THomme. Librairie Octave
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M St. Thomas's Hosp. Rep., 1899, London. N. s. 1901, Vol.
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Gaumen-Schlundlahmung bei freigeibliebenem Recurrens sagen
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