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were true, this was by no means alwa>s tlie ease. For

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people. It is distinguished from the epigastric skin

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thereafter the director of MIT's office informed me that if I ever

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points tapering and approaching each other at a right angle, as in the

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eucalyptus, mxv, benzoinol to 3oz.; climatic treatment

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feldes zeigt bienenwabenartige Zeichnung, im linken Lungenfeld keine

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in the great majority of the cases was involved, al-

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Pediatrics. By John Zahorsky, A.B., M.D. With an intro-

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Dr. a. ,)acoiii, New York, thought 49(, fats were too

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tary cordons, and they, therefore', unanimously recommend the imme-

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quently in the lumbar region of the spine, and then the

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was putting the patient to bed, taking away all food

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Hypodermic Medication in the Treatment of Inoperable

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in the fire last spring. Most of the physicians also lost

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" Lockwood: Tr. Path. Soc, Lond., Vol. xUii, 1892. p. 74.

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has operated in nuich the same way as Socin in 1879. The

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Im letzteren Falle, und dies hatte ja soviel bedeutet wie eine voU-

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on the respective German and French meanings of the words diphtheria

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habe, um die Frage der Grenze der normalen Anzahl von Zellen

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5. ■ Thresh, J. C. Erythema Autumnale, Harvest Rash

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die unteren Ostien bei Ausschaltung der aiitonomen Innervation

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proved fatal. Both of these varieties in his experience

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oxidative i^rocesses, which was effected by a meal rich

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»chronische Ischias», die Symptome dauerten naralich seit einem

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lade devint excessivement irritable et, par moment, n'avait pas sa

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that it is possible to administer within the limits

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read Ijy Dr. Alexi Carrell, of Chicago, on the " Transplanta-

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meines Erachtens jedoch niir den Ubertreibiingen gegeniiber,

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ganda would be that ilarkly hinted by your correspondent,

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a severe accidc^nt, accompanied with concus.sion of the

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hypophysis, viz., by means of other parts of the endocrinal system.

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striven for in armies, there is absolutely no reason to question the

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Wirkung des Serums hervorbeschworen hat. Ich selber neige

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to a crowded meeting of the members of the Association,

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