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Dk. Robert, Charleston, S. C, in discussing

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Eine doppelseitige Ischiadiciisneuralgie ist ja erfahrungsgemass

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balneology, and this was touched on by Dr. Ran.som.

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cortex, while fibres, nuclei and glia cells are again

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their tissues. For instance, in the sluggish liver,

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The child's teacher said that her speech seemed to be

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Offers courses in all branches of medicine and surgery.

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ness about the joint, especially alonf;the line of inci.sion ;

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from left to right, and from right to left, was liable, of

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friiber beschrieben worden ist. 2. Pleura costalis. Gefrierscbnitt,

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DR. MILTOX BOARD, Supt., mi2 Sixth St., Louisville, Ky.

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abortion from the uterine end of llie Inlx' has taken

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origin, if there are also .sjMuptoms of lack of the

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day previous. The following morning a distinct bronz-

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vorn und hinten verschiirftes Atmen mit mittelblasigen Rasseln, rechts

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psychoneurotic patients can be removed by getting them to relax,

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variety of puzzling symptoms, which the surgeon must

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Dieulafoy's exaggerated statements might cause many

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tion is not usually severe and in which, therefore,

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and hopelessly established as chronic. The establish-

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Fig. I konnen wir hier auf eine giinstige Beeinfliissung der Krank-

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Elements of General Chemistry with E.vperiments. By

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or less regularly to respond to one or more of tlie

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will leave it readily than to seek out those suited

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third sister, whose case he had just reported, met with

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to 34, the patient complaining of considerable pain in the cardiac re-

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count of the occurrence, s.\-mptoms and signs of the

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Ich habe mehrere Stellen, sowolil voni parietalen wie wom

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the eruption. Further, in many cases, the evil effects

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Wegen der Gangschwierigkeiten musste er die Schule nach fijnf AIo-

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with the normal. Relative dissociation between the different

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nation showed three ounces of residual and an enlarge-

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