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divided longitudinally, the bladder separated from the

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der would consider lectures on climatology advisable.

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patients, in an attempt to measure rougUy the amount of

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6. Verv gratifying results are reported by Schwerin

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Dr. Lofberg, Chefarzt der chirurgischen Abteilung des stiidtischen

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established, you will l)e able to make the diagnosis

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from 70 to 140 in one attack of fifteen minutes' dura-

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ankylosed joints to restore motion by preventing further

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and iniincdialely (hei-eai'(er l)ei;an the study of

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Ear Art'ections and Mental Disturbances. By Emil Amberg,

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der Fibrillen auf Grund seiner Praparate behauptet. Was das

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Berlin, Hirschwald. Finger, Die Geschlechtskrankheiten, S. 139.

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seventy -fourth annual meeting of the British Medical Association

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schen Beweguugen so viel wie moglich verhinderten. Die Bandage

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1999 to 2001, that rate had been cut nearly in half. At the pop-

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Science and Art of Surgery. By Representative Sur^ons of

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denen kleinen Gehirncyste wurde von Hansson gemacht.

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resulted as follows: Cured (46%), not relieved 3 (23'];,),

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combustible in the body — tyrosin. phenyl-alanin,

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sociation gather here for their meeting it will not

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eight months it was safe to say that there would be none.

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one leg is due to the fact that in childhood the leg

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not only the size and K^cation of the frontal sinus,

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treatment, but puts little or no A'alue on the carbonic acid

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Fee lists and containers for pathological specimens and infoniiation in reference to

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What are " suitable disinfectants," not such as may destroy smells

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veranderungen in der Ventrikelvvand entstehen. Zwei solche

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interest works in a determined line; a better tracking of a certain

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alkalies until, this spring, having a fall from a bicycle, he

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.5. Noble, C. B. Fibroid Tumors of the Uterus. (To be

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year to all readers, and students of the university

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time. ]}eyond general nervovisness and irritability

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von den Wurzeln ausgehenden Neurofibrome unter ihnen spielen.

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lioth in the life we modern peo|ile lead and in the food

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If the utero-sacral ligaments are so stretched and the

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