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fusion of the last three lumbar and the first sacral

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nehmender Atemnot und Herzschwache Exitus 3 Tage spater. Sek-

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vorhanden. Auch waren keine Folgen von der wohl durch das Ka-

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hindurch unterhalten werden kann. Ein so erfahrener Autor

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the sectional meetings in medicine, pathology and physiol-

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history, it was possilile for an intussusception to

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by means of a mirror, I succeeded in curing him some hovirs after

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same general characteristics as the previous tumor of

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ing cystocele and rectocele, forming practically a hernia.

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reason to doubt that the libraries are increasingly

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cussioti on the Surgical Treatment oj AscitesSecorid-

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wers quite intelligibly to all questions, reads the paper, has no idea

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man eine schmale Gasblase langs der ganzen Thoraxwand aussen bis

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most frequently in the posterior portions of the lower

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Please mention The Southern Medical Journal when you write to advertisers.

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collegiate institution of good standing or have passed

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building up to their actual therapeutic application. This applies not only to drug therapy, but equally

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have found nothing abnormal. Operation is performed

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In der grossen Zusammenstelking. die Schlesinger i. J. 1898

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about one third of an inch in length. This was best

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better have a little examination in fractions, and that

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erful irritant applied in such massive doses it histologists and pathologists insist is similar

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