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unhealthy wounds and ulcers. Many form chemical com-

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brane of the nose and occasionally membranous deposits in the nose, on

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family history. 3d. Selection by the medical officers of the

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absence of other previous infectious fevers, give a history of an antecedent

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The effect of iron is much enhanced by associating with it quinine, which

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in cause and significance. They do not necessarily indicate a strong or active

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from ages 56 to 58 the female mortality is considerably less

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Medical Society made up of James Jackson, J. C. Warren and Thomas

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successful consultant that he has but little time to

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well exemplified in Ashton and Landis' series of 991 cases from the Phila-

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fiable, as peritonitis in typhoid fever occurs as the result of perforation in

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pressure. The infiltrated intestine can be plainly felt through the abdom-

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bronchopneiunonia. They are frequently found in cases without a typical

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of the local lesion, it is of serious prognostic import. Rugged individuals

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the distinction. It is to be hoped that in recurring epidemics the specific

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while the actual temperature is lower, yet the daily variation is less than dur-

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waked for nourishment. The majority wake occasionally through the night

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possible, it should be carried out, especially in hospital wards and in rooms

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femur. They have also been demonstrated in a number of cases as the

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fifth, seventh, ninth and eleventh, was originally pointed out by Traube;

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supposed to have given a history of syphilis were dvdy marked.

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loss of memory even when the patients are apparently not delirious. When

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to tetanus, tetanus toxin may circulate in the blood without any damage.

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according to the plan of insurance, the lesser extra premium

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tonic measure in chronic diseases. The rationale consists in

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appointed by the Clmical Society of London set the incubation from four-

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