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.August Kraus in his Kritisch-ctymologischcs inedi-
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machine in her home to relieve the pain. Died three months later.
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McIntosh, W. P., Surgeon. Bureau order dated October
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plaining at least some of the increased affinity for
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tuberculosis, so that facilities might be provided for
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nual session in Nashville, Tenn., on November 8th, 9th,
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and 7 c.c. of physiological salt solution containing
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uted among the dense network of fibrillae. The special
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to be held on Friday evening, October 28th. Dr. William
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chase and the trap and the angle, and partly by the
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Dr. J. William White, who resigned recently as professor
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entirely and the greater part of the large ulcer. The latter
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of the previously mentioned Marinesco's and others'
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tient was sent to the hospital, and on December 28, 1909, a
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sions. In a given tumor <:i this class, the first es-
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lieving that this occasional presence of microorgan-
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July 31, 1910, 7 cases reported, and during the first 19 days
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much safer to recognize that, even in our own twen-
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fined to the illiterate. It is possible that the sale of
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Medical College of Ohio, Medical Department, UniTcnity of Cincinnati
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especially as care must be exercised to keep the tube
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5 per cent.; nucleated reds, from i to 1.25 per cent.
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ical signs persist. I regard it of utmost importance
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great consequence to the patients and are of suffi-
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chief cause was greater exposure to infection, meas-
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Edin., Medical Superintendent, Inverness District Asylum,
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aconite was specially recognized — and utilized — in
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work. On inquiry T found this statement to be true and
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i accidentally took two bupropion doses
with 0.3 gramme, June 2, 1910. Serum reaction on the same
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founded on facts, not theories, and, like the mariner
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topic to another ; but, withal, her mood is deep and
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of typhoid fever among the midshipmen at Annapohs were
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iridectomy was performed under cocaine anaethesia. The
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cord, which was done by l^r. R. W. Bailey and Dr. G.
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Director of Clinical Laboratory, Philadelphia Hospital,
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that the skin over the chest undergoes degeneration.
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