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not rest until the Legislature of the State is brought to see this

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ment, although it would give me a way perhaps out of what has become, to some extent,

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Anatomical Diagnosis. — Pachymeningitis hsemorrhagic interna, lepto-

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o £ ^ Sutherland, M -L>. Lecture: Hahnemann and Homoeopathy.

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time in Council, and if adopted on such third reading, the President shall declare the by-law

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in the third place, it is imposing upon those gentlemen of ability who are members of the

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he can't do it ; there is a feeling he would like to shake off, but he can't. The more I think

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or four times the patient still excretes some sugar, even on a re-

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get well. The group makes no pretense at being a psychiatric clinic,

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logical Chemistry and Dean of the Department of Medicine and Surgery,

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Dr. John Kirkpatrick. I now present the report of tlie committee in the case of Dr. John

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Huntington's connection with the Medical School its Faculty has

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ment of Health to any of the other executive departments upon request of

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rarely makes use of pharmacotherapy, to the habitually "low

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This is all the history taken for the purposes of diagnosis re-

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larger than Dr. Wjatters has mentioned. In all she received something like fif-

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The annual report of the Homoeopathic Hospital of the

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The single median vertical incision, unless it is made very

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from the sincerely believed statement that vaccines should be

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the typical picture of the two preceding stages, rendering it /extra-

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and it is necessary to fix a time for such consideration, when the solicitors and all parties

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Dr. McLaughlin — I hardly know what the schoolmen want. Last year there were

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unhomceopathic methods, attractive because of ease in selection of treat-

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mass. It was impossible to obtain autogenous material and so

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namely, the treatment, I wish to announce my old-fashioned be-

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