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precautions m manner of exposure. Aside from its more

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income of which is to be used to raise the salary of

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\Tith a tumorous infiltration not very sharply defined in the

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contre, sont d'avis que le virus en question est invisible et qu'il

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ing, I have done as authority recommends, and consequently it is

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free from contact with the palpably insane, and devoid of tlie insti-

zanaflex 2mg efectos secundarios

launched his famous glycerophosphates. This preparation

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4. Thomson, H. C. Demonstrations on Disea.fes of the

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services to inedi<al science and his loyalty to the Komaii

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Fig. 2. — Photomicrograph of section of liver (Case II); the line

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leukemia except it be the conditions in thelivcrand

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positive laryngeal lesions, and soine statistics give

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of my little finger, the fimbriated extremity of the same

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^ Zentralbl. fur Bakteriol., i, Abt., Jena, 1905, xxxviii, orig., 425-

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A m.otor ambulance, costing about $3,000. has been pre-


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tion of headache, is disturbance of the menstrual function

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motest corner of his brain, and that prescribing is

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Da immer nur einzelne Zellen und Fasern gefarbt sind, so muss

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The L.vnckt, Ski'I'. 1. 1 '.)()(). The Students' N'u.mheu.

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1921, n:o 3. v. Sarho, Der heurige Stand der Pathologle und The-

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wider application, it enables us to decide upon the

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has he been able to learn of any more or other cases

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DR. MILTOX BOARD, Supt., mi2 Sixth St., Louisville, Ky.

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hydrocephalus internus and already observed by Schuster, Qvin-

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occasion to notice the change. Rich sauces and many

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9. Carrel and Guthrie describe their technique hi per-

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bei der Athmunof frei. Bei der Intonation aber, besonders hoher

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dichtungen oberhalb des linken Diaphragma viel ausgesprochener,

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im oberen Teil der Wunde (unter arcus 4) normal, frei im Dural-

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one cannot but weep over the spectacle of the heads of the

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